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How does Airbrush tanning work?

The active ingredient in our solution is Dihydroxyacetone, also known as DHA and is a sugarcane derivative. When DHA is applied to the skin it causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the first layer of the skin to produce a tan, just as the sun would.  DHA will bronze the skin without the damaging affects of UVA and UVB exposure to the sun.

Is Airbrush tanning safe?

Yes! DHA has been used in sunless products since the 60's and is FDA approved!

How long will my tan last?

Our solution has a deeper penetration system which creates a longer lasting tan, usually anywhere from 6-10 days depending on the type and dryness of your skin.

Will my Tan look orange or fake?

NO, no carrots here! A customized fine mist is sprayed on the skin and blends instantly. It is applied over the body and face with no streaks, blotches or that wet feeling.

What should I do BEFORE tanning?

  • Shower and exfoliate!
         By exfoliating you are removing the dead skin cells as well as excess body oils that would inhibit the solution from absorbing. A gentle body loofa or other body scrub while in the shower will do the job, and if you don't have anything to exfoliate with you can purchase items from our shop.


  • Use a mild soap
          Soap can alter the pH of your skin which in turn can 
    affect DHA. We provide exfoliating wipes for $1.00 if you are unable to exfoliate prior to your appointment.

  • Shave or wax
         Solutions will stick to body hair therefore reducing the effectiveness of the spray and leaving an uneven tan. Allow time to heal after waxing (a day or so will work). Shaving is fine until the day of your appointment.    

  • Skin is clean and is free of sweat... 
          Don't use any oils, toiletries, residues and  lotions (deodorant, perfume, makeup...). For best results come as clean as possible. Also elevated body temperature, perspiration or moisture on the skin can hinder DHA development and results.

What should I do AFTER tanning?

  • Allow about 5-10 minutes for the skin to dry before getting dressed in loose, comfortable clothing.

  • Do not shower for at least 6-8 hours (depending on formula) to allow for a deep penetrating tan. (we like to say no less than 8 hours!) 

  • Refrain from perspiring 6-8 hours after the mist application for best results. 

  • Make sure to moisturize after your shower as much as your hearts desire, this will extend the life of your tan.

  • If possible avoid any creams/lotions or scrubs designed to exfoliate your skin until you are ready for your tan to come off.

What should I wear after the tan?

We recommend dark, loose, cotton clothing after your tan. The solutions may rub off slightly while dressing but will wash out easily. Some materials such as silk, nylon, and leather can stain. 

How long does the procedure take?

You'll be in and out in less than 25 minutes. The spray takes about 15 minutes and then 5 minutes drying time and you have a sexy natural looking tan!

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